A PolisPlan Initiative


a new paradigm for regenerative, shared-equity land development

Beautility developments is a not-for-profit, shared equity developer established by town planning consultants, PolisPlan.

We are planning for a network of high-tech, regenerative villages that strive towards self-sufficiency and zero waste within their bioregion. Each village will house a diverse community of up to 200 people and will integrate affordable co-working and co-living spaces with water and energy micro-grids and a regenerative agricultural system.

Working with communities around Australia who want to attract investment and people to their local area, we provide the town planning expertise needed to navigate the planning system and obtain the necessary approvals.

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partners in the International Partnership for the Satoyama Initiative dedicated to working together to realize societies in harmony with nature


“Steven Liaros and Nilmini De Silva of PolisPlan have developed a compelling blueprint for a new urban form that is not just sustainable but regenerative in its ambitions. Their inspiring vision is to create a template for ‘best practice’ urban development, one that is highly self-sufficient in meeting community needs within the local bioregion; one that contributes to the local economy; and one that draws on renewable energy technologies with the aim of moving toward a flourishing, zero-waste, and post-carbon urban form. Most importantly, the ambition is to demonstrate the replicability of the plan and thereby provide guidance for future urban planning. The thinking beneath this vision is impressive and the plans meticulously formed. At last there is a development plan worth believing in and supporting. I look forward to the prospect of working with Steven and Nilmini as this vision becomes a reality – and together show, through research, innovation, and development, that urban living does not have to cost the Earth.”  

~Dr. Samuel Alexander, Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, The University of Melbourne


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