A PolisPlan Initiative


The Australian economy is in the midst of a major transition and the government is calling for an ‘ideas boom’. With cities also on the agenda, there is no better time to explore innovative ideas for the planning, development and building of cities, towns and villages. We are seeking partnerships with local governments around Australia who are interested in implementing strategic town planning policies that would enable and encourage investment in regenerative land development.

If you work for a local Council or would like to encourage the development of Circular Economy Villages in your area then download the brochure to start a conversation:

If your Council is interested and would like to explore the ideas further, then please contact us through LinkedIn. 

For Circular Economy Villages to be developed, the Council's planning provisions need to offer an approval pathway that provides some level of certainty for investors that an approval can be achieved. That is to say, the Council strategies, development control plans and infrastructure plans must recognise this as a permissible and approvable development form. The reports below are written for Council planners and describe the development form, provide justification for the approach and outline an implementation process


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