A PolisPlan Initiative


The Australian economy is in the midst of a major transition and the government is calling for an ‘ideas boom’. With cities also on the agenda, there is no better time to explore innovative ideas for the planning, development and building of cities, towns and villages.

Steven Liaros & Nilmini De Silva, directors of town planning consultancy PolisPlan, are in South Australia seeking partnerships with local governments who are interested in implementing strategic town planning policies that would enable and encourage investment in regenerative land development. Key concepts include integrating living and work environments with renewable energy micro-grids, water micro-grids and urban or rural food systems. It is also important to take advantage of the possibilities created by the internet and new technologies, building work hubs or campuses that encourage tele-commuting and support the transition to electric vehicles. Boutique industries that transform waste into resources would also support the transition to a zero-waste lifestyle.

The presentation will describe their approach as well as projects they have already commenced.

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