A PolisPlan Initiative


The Australian economy is in the midst of a major transition and the government is calling for an ‘ideas boom’. With cities also on the agenda, there is no better time to explore innovative ideas for the planning, development and building of cities, towns and villages. We are seeking partnerships with local governments around Australia who are interested in implementing strategic town planning policies that would enable and encourage investment in regenerative land development.

If you work for a local Council or would like to encourage the development of Regenerative Villages in your area then download the brochure to start a conversation:

If your Council is interested and would like to explore the ideas further, then you will want to know more detail about the development model, how it addresses a range of environmental, social and economic issues and also, how it can be implemented through the existing town planning framework. We have prepared a report that addresses each of these matters. As we are currently working with Councils and communities in rural and regional Victoria, Australia, the implementation process is tailored to the provisions of the Victorian Planning Scheme. Nevertheless, the description of the development model and justification for it are universally translatable to any location. The implementation process will vary depending on the legal jurisdiction but the principles are broadly the same. Download the report to Council to see if you would like us to help you implement these ideas: 

If you would like us to help in implementing either the enabling strategic town planning provisions or to develop an actual village project, please contact us

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