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 Our mobile town planning and strategic engineering consultancy. See below for our services.

Beautility Developments

Complex land development projects require collaboration across many disciplines and areas of expertise. Beautility Developments has been been established to bring people with these skills together to plan, develop and build Circular Economy Villages

We have always lived by stories so we created a website for crafting and telling the stories needed to encourage the transition to a resilient and regenerative future. This is our creative collaboration and includes photography, poetry and essays. 


Steven Liaros

strategic town planner

Steven Liaros is a town planner and author of ‘Rethinking the City’—an exploration of the historical ideas that underpin the organisation of cities—showing how these ideas are being transformed by the Internet. With qualifications in civil engineering, town planning and environmental law, Steven is currently undertaking a PhD research project at the University of Sydney's Department of Political Economy. The project aim is to create a new model for regenerative land development based on the principles of the circular economy and as an organisational principle for building resilient and globally connected, local communities.

Nilmini De Silva

civil engineer, project manager, documentary photographer

Nilmini De Silva is a civil engineer and project manager who has worked for local government for many years, managing water systems and the natural environment.  Nil has always been passionate about environmental sustainability but recognises that the environment is best managed by empowering local communities and building social sustainability. Now an accomplished documentary photographer, Nil passionately pursues her dreams and inspires others to do likewise. "Don’t be trapped by your fate, pursue your destiny” is the  central theme of Nil’s book Fate or Destiny.


Strategic Planning

We have the skills to brief technical experts and manage the design development process. In particular, we provide input to, and oversee, the urban design layout to be developed by architects and landscape designers. We also provide the following specific services:

  • amendment of planning instruments and schemes (including land rezoning)
  • preparation of infrastructure plans (NSW)
  • negotiation of Voluntary Planning Agreements (NSW), s173 Agreements (VIC) and s192 & 193 Land Managememt Agreements (SA)
  • site-specific development control plans (to support concept plans)
  • preparation of Development Applications

Project Management

We have the skills to project manage a multi-disciplinary team of design experts to deliver a regenerative village project. We also provide a range of associated services including:

  • stakeholder and community engagement through facilitated workshops
  • creative documentation (photography, blogposts and social media) throughout all stages of development to engage a broader audience and build support for your project
  • management of equity crowdfunding process to get projects 'off the ground'


Steven is doing his PhD Research at the University of Sydney. The thesis title is: A New Paradigm for Land Development: Creating Regenerative Nodes within a Distributed & Networked Global City.

We advocate for a strategic planning framework that enables regenerative development and circular economy villages. This includes writing research papers, news articles and also working directly with communities as well as local and state authorities . 


Nilmini is an accomplished documentary photographer with the skills to document events and ideas through photography and creative writing. The output can be provided as a blog post, a series of photographs or an impactful web page narrative that integrates creative writing with photography.

We specialise in using images and words to highlight social issues. See our website Narratives4Change for more information.

"We shape our Cities, thereafter they shape us"

Not-for-Profit statement

The assets and income of Beautility Developments shall be applied solely to further its objects and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as genuine compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.


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